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My long lost love
Only those that know you can give you the chase
I have travelled all the way to find you
Whenever you are around my soul leaps for joy
With you I can find the missing knot
You are like light to my soul
With you the creativity in me blooms
With you I can think of restructuring
My senses come to life in your presence
You fill my soul and caress the essence of my being
You are my mirror
You are a window to my soul
I can’t always have you around for now
But I can tell you a secret
I am almost dysfunctional without you
I promise that one day we will be inseparable

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I took you down

I lay destroyed

Even though I’m dying suit

It tastes so sweet

It felt good to see you in agony

Don’t tell me vengeance is the Lord’s

He is slow to act

With Him sinners walk unpunished

He claimed He took it on His Son

I wanted to see him down

Even though I lay destroyed

Even when my suffering seem double

I will go through it with pleasure

Knowing I took him down

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You sure can relate with this as a Nigerian, those days in school, our parents encouraged the teachers to flog us well whenever we misbehave, especially if the teacher is in a way related. Usually you can’t even trace the relationship. I had this kind of teacher in my primary school, my mum referred to her as sister-in-law. Now I know better, she is no in-law in anyway plus I haven’t set my eyes on her since I left primary school. This lady brims wickedness, she is Mrs Arogun.

If you are a pupil in my school and you are not afraid of Mrs Arogun, you know not what wisdom is. During assembly whenever it was time to sing the national anthem, everyone stands still. If an ant gets in your pant and you move, just die if she sights you in the process.

She got hold of a girl one morning, Oh dear, she said the girl moved while the national anthem was on going. She flogged day light out of the girl, that morning.

Whenever Mrs Arogun is flogging my mates for some unpaid fee, she flogs me double and instructs me to report to my parent. At the end of the term, I collect my result to show it to her before going home. If she is pleased with it she buys us (younger sister, Rogo and I) some goody. You can tell what happens if she isn’t pleased.

On a beautiful morning, Rogo and I headed for school. As we approached the pedestrian bridge, I sighted Mrs Arogun at the end of the bridge and we intentionally slowed our pace. Mrs Arogun is not my class teacher but my class was beside her class, she sits outside her classroom which was on the third floor. Immediately we stepped into the school she called us. When we got to where she was we greeted. She told us to kneel. At that point, I knew I was in for it.

Mrs Arogun sent for the gate man, who flogs for her whenever she wants to inflict more affliction than she can. After some minutes the guy arrived and then she stated our offence and the verdict. She said we saw her and hid, and we didn’t come to collect her bag. My younger sister’s sentence was two strokes while mine was twelve strokes. It sounded like death sentence to me.

My sister was flogged. I don’t know what she felt because we never discussed it.

Four boys were summoned each of them took my hands and legs. I can’t explain the pain I felt as each stroke landed on my body. As each stroke landed on my back and butt, I struggled to get away from the boys grip but their grips were strong. I was flogged to the point that my school uniform folded revealing my torn pant.

The boys saw my torn pant!!! For some strange reasons the boys did not taunt me over my torn pant.

Forgiving Mrs Arogun was difficult. I hated her more than ever, after that beautiful morning turned ugly.

I had passed out of secondary school when Mum got home one evening and said Mrs Arogun was involved in an accident. Subconsciously I said, ‘that served her right, (o un pe)’ aloud, the stare I got made me explain why I hated her so much to my folks.

After that night I told the Lord to help me forgive. I am sure I have forgiven her now.

I can’t help but laugh as I write about the beautiful ugly morning.

Why was it that day I wore that torn pant?

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AFRICA: The home of great people where great things happen, despite the harmful effects of the intruders.
AFRICA: A continent rich in culture, mineral resources, traditions, cultures and diverse languages.
AFRICA: The world’s second largest and second most populous continent.
AFRICA: A Great continent comprising 54 countries and 2500~3000 native languages.

Tell me, is Africa not blessed?

I have been on this planet for over 20 years, and heard of a natural disaster just once which happened in 2012, after 40 years of non in Nigeria.  We youth, that are opportune to be out of our beloved countries, should not for anything neglect our motherland and we should not hesitate to educate our family members back home. It’s time we speak up, it’s time our voices are heard. I strongly believe in the saying which goes, “you never know the value of something until you no longer have it within your reach”. Before I left my beloved country, I thought I was leaving “hell” for “paradise”, I thought everything is going to be rosy here, I thought there will be no more worries.

However, when I got here I realized that “all that glitters is not gold”. This taught me to appreciate the beautiful natural scenery, green, fresh vegetables etc., that all abide in my country; NIGERIA. They say we are poor, we live in the desert, and we are black because of the sun in our continent. But come to think of it, this same people extort our resources and still call us “黑人—BLACK PEOPLE”.

In my motherland I don’t harbour suspicions when eating Eggs, Rice, Fruits, Water, Noodles, pasta, and other ailments. I don’t hesitate because I’m very sure we don’t produce our foods with fake substances like plastic, polythene etc., we don’t inject our fruits and vegetables in order to make them look fresh, we don’t produce our seafood chemically, and likewise we neither sell nor consume gutter oil (oil from drainage canals).

They call us BLACK. But do you know that when it’s raining, we are BLACK; when we are under the sun we are BLACK; happy or sad, rich or poor we are still BLACK. Our skin colour never changes, so much that we glow in different shades of BLACK. But the people who tag us “COLORED” are the ones whose skin colour changes like that of chameleon, their colours change according to their life situations, societal status, seasons and emotion.

We are unique the way we are! DO NOT ALLOW ANYONE make you feel being “BLACK” is a mistake, do not allow anyone make you feel being AFRICAN is a disaster. It’s time to embrace and appreciate ourselves, because IF WE DON’T, NO ONE WILL.

Making Africa a better place depends on how we respond to situations we are surrounded by, how we present Africa to the world and how we represent our origin wherever we find ourselves. The struggle, now is real than it used to be.

With ONE LOVE, and ONE VOICE we can make our great continent a better place. Till I come your way again! Chao!

Written by
Boya B Mauyan

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image Married ones

I have read too many stories that ends with; I am here for the sake of my children or after the death of a child, the marriage shattered. Truly children should be loved and cared for but not at the expense of your marriage.

Marriage is work it is tedious. If you are not ready to work it, why get into it?

Learning should be constant in one’s life, just as change.
Learning is essential. As human we should all engage in the learning process. Learning is an intentional process that cannot be exhausted.

Getting yoked with your spouse is adding to your learning process. So you can’t stop learning that partner of yours.

Couples that have eviable marriage did not sit their way there.

Marriage is more than feelings. There are probably days you want to wake up single again. Marriage is work.

Enjoying marriage is an intentional act. The institution is not created to be endured.

Children are gifts from God. Children should not be what keeps a marriage going. A couple’s love life should have a life of it own without the kids.

Before Abraham Jesus was; Without your spouse that child would not have been. Which is why things have to work between you and your spouse.

Unhealthy marriage has psychological effect on the kids.

Marriage has to be worked intentionally, so as the kid to enjoy the fruit of an healthy marriage.

Your child will one day grow up to leave home and you will be left with your spouse.

What will be left when the kids leave home? God forbid, but it happens what if the child dies?

Solace should be found in the arms of one another.

Children need a lot of attention but your spouse needs a double.

I am not married neither do I have a kid nor do I know how this things work.

This one thing I know that marriage is not luxury. It takes lots of intentional act to make it enviable.

I have seen too many housemates that claim to be couples and those that live just for their kids. I know this is not God’s intent for marriage.

I have also seen marriages that are working, which tells me that marriage works if the couple are ready to work it.


I wrote all these to make a simple point, your spouse should come before your children.

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Prayer is not cliché


Prayer is not cliché
Prayer is not a religious activity
Prayer is communication
Prayer is an engaging process
Prayer shouldn’t be exercised only in times of trouble.
Prayer is not monologue, but dialogue
It’s a dialogue with the Author of all things.
He wants us to seek him; in exchange, he promised to
“Reveal to us marvellous and wondrous things we could never figure out by ourselves”.
He wants to reveal his heart to us more than his hands that we sought after,
He wants to discuss great matters with us—Kingdom matters,
remember the Lord’s prayer;
“Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”.
The Spirit gives counsel, but counsel is not found on the shelf,
“Counsel in the heart of man is like deep water, a man of understanding  will draw it out”.
There is counsel in the place of prayer, this is why we have to stop being cliché about it.
We have to get intentional with prayer.
The place of prayer is where solution is birth, where idea is given.
Prayer time should be like going to have a conversation with a mentor, notepad and pen are necessary.
Cooperate prayers are awesome but cannot substitute personal prayer.
Consistency is key in the place of prayer. Engaging right makes prayer worth it.
It’s okay to be prayed for and with, but it makes more sense when you’ve been praying too.
Prayer is making up our mind to seek Him because he has made himself available to be found,
“He made all things so as to be sought after; He is woven in the fabric of creation”.
We are caught up in chasing by-products, when the source is just within our reach.
He wants you to launch out into the deep while he is in the boat with you.
We’ve been called to more than ourselves, stop looking down
Look to Him, then He will help you look ahead to see the nations he has called you to inherit.
It is time to reduce the noise, He is and has been speaking. He wants to be heard.

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So I was out today, to see a friend who left me with “you are a talkative” which I am yet to come to terms with, I don’t want to believe I am a talker. He later left abruptly anyways. As my nature is, I forgive.

After my friend ditched me, I decided to take a walk to a lone place which doesn’t really exist. I think we need somewhere in sabo where one can be all by oneself. I doubt if that is possible though.

So I contemplated Ozone Cinemas but I walked pass cos I believed it would be noisy, of which it wasn’t anyways. As I walked pass Ozone Cinemas to the nearby street in search of a lone place which doesn’t exist. Then come this guy, he said hi and I responded, I sure can make do with some company. I sighted you from afar, he said I am Soso in exchange I said my name, so we walked back to Ozone. This Mr. Soso kept going on and on about his life plans… And how he loved my structure.

I don’t know why he was just trying to be so impressive, he was going to do almost anything to get me to talk. Of which he lost me when he started being impressive. And I’m like you need not try. We sat there and discussed about movies he had seen and was a waste of time. Did I mention that in the space of 15 minutes he has repeatedly told me how he treated malaria. I was bored. I had to listen and pretend to be nice for a while.

He offered to pick up tickets for movie, I refused. All I wanted to do was to leave but I wanted to be nice about it. Then Mr. Soso came up with, there is something special about you and I’d like to see you again, in my head I’m like, no no this ain’t gonna happen again, it was a mistake in the first place. This guy could hardly keep his hands to himself. In less than 30 minutes I could write about Mr. Soso, at least based on what he has said so far. Maybe he was trying to prove he’s got vision.

I finally made up my mind to leave. He walked me and I told him out rightly I am not going to see you again at least not intentionally. He pushed far enough to get my number.

While giving him my number on a goodbye note, that’s how one guy in jeep drove past us and ‘cut me eye’. Anyways I finally said goodbye to Mr. Soso. Only to walk to the next street to see that the jeep guy. He has turned and  was on the street, waiting. I just walked as swiftly as possible into where I was going.

In my head I’m like, what is it with all this strange guys attention today? Then it occurred to me it’s the hair. Just because I managed to look not so me and fixed Bohemian so I got all this unsolicited attention.
I bet if I was on my nappy hair looking like one 16 year old girl. I would have at least walked on the street unnoticed.

It such an epistle I guess is worth sharing. I might stick to my nappy hair though, I guess it’s more peaceful.

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Co-habiting wasn’t very natural for us in this part of the world before now.
The thought of one’s folks is enough to straighten one up.
It’s not so anymore, folks do not really see a big deal in co-habiting any longer.
Our Parents’ moral standard which seemed to be out of reach seems to have been reached and subtly broken.
Their excuse in recent times is age. Age should not be a reason to misbehave.
If something is wrong for the teenagers then it is wrong for the adult who is not doing it right.
If this continues, it will leave us with uncontrollable teenagers.
For the sake of the upcoming generation and our sanctity we should stop this menace called co-habiting.

Thanks to Hollywood, they have successfully sold it to us over time and we’ve come to buy and accept it as a norm.
No one seem to contend with the idea anymore. If and when anyone does, the person is seen as abnormal.
Someone once said you can’t blame someone for feeding you wrongly but you can be blamed for digesting wrongly.

In this part of the world we have a culture and our generation is fast forgetting who we are.

This is to all the precious ladies out there. You deserve better than being treated like a modern slave.
You cook his food, as in you take all the kitchen heat for nothing.
You take all the heat for someone that could wake up next morning and decide to go for another lady.
You do his laundry, you give him great sex and the question in your pretty head at all time is
“when will he pop the question?” sorry sis he might not, at least not anytime soon.
He is still testing the goody for free plus he has the opportunity to hop for another.

It was a joke on social media recently, a lady comes to your house and leaves her earring,
the next day she leaves her slippers brother be prepared, you are about to get a partner.

Is it not obvious enough that some guys don’t want to be committed? But ladies will not let a guy think.
Some guys just want to keep you as a friend. Can you please, not push things while he make his decisions?
Ladies it’s time to take the red pill so as to see from a whole new perspective.
You don’t have to prove you are a good wife material, please let him find out.
Men are natural adventurers, they feel like a conqueror when they discover things.
Please let him discover you. You are a price that needs to be won.

Some guys treat ladies wrongly while co-habiting because they don’t know how to say they are tired.
Some ladies got their life’s beaten.
Some of this guys are tired and don’t know how to send you packing because they think you have put in too much.
So in the stead of calling it quit, he starts maltreating you hoping you get the point someday.

This is heavy but it can’t be too heavy to be said, co-habiting has been noticed amongst believers.
How can we allow the society dictate for us, we have been called to a lot more than immoralities.
We have not so LEARNT CHRIST. The bible is our code of conduct, Jesus is whom we’ve been called to become.
Christ is our standard and whom our gaze should be upon. We are the light of the world.

So come out from among them, brethren.

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Raye and Theft.


Raye and Theft.

Eight out of every ten adult stole as a child, but this is a bit different from the usual pot of soup thing.

In primary school, there used to be these plastic toys that were mostly found with the boys. These toys were small, and come in different combat forms. The boys usually use them to combat during break. I like these toys as a kid and always wanted one for myself

I longed to have one of these toys, but I never really had enough money to buy one. Even when I had money, I don’t get to see the toy.
Money for us then, was at most 50 naira.

One Sunday afternoon, I was with my sisters going for a Sunday visit. We were passing through a market when I sighted a woman with a heap of the toys I had long longed for. All I wanted was just one of these tiny toys as I couldn’t see myself passing by these toys without having one.

I thought of a way to get one, but one of my sisters was holding my right hand while the woman was by my left hand side. As we approached the woman, I made up my mind to pick a toy for myself.

When we got to her station, I picked one as decided, but got the shocker of my life when I realized that the toys were tangled by a rope. It was too late to drop it, as the woman’s [the toy seller] attention has been drawn already. She raised her voice, which drew my sisters’ attention. At first, my sisters were confused. Then my sister, Rukky, asked me to explain what happened but I lied that my dress hooked the toys. Although, the toy seller didn’t agree, but my sisters saved the day by defending their little sister. My sister, Rukky, did not buy the lie either. I was quiet while the drama dragged between my sisters and the toy seller.

We eventually left, while my sisters had a juicy topic to discuss till we arrived home. After the visit and we had got home, sister Rukky said “you picked that toy intentionally and never envisaged to be caught in the act.” I felt like I had just been bathed with chill water. My other sisters agreed with Rukky not to report the incident to my mum.

After that day, I didn’t get to steal again, I don’t eye another pupil’s toy aside when I had to steal a classmate’s ‘gala’ and I was caught in the act too. Stealing never went well for me as a kid.

I guess I was pretty good with lies though, because I wonder how I was able to come up with the “dress hooking” lie within a twinkle of an eye as a child.

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My Fan Rolled Again


My Fan Rolled Again

The day is going as planned, unlike yesterday that I faffed most of the day. I was busy with my tutorial when I heard a knock on the door, I headed straight to the door. It was the NEPA guy (we never get used to calling them PHCN), then he asked for the bill, which I produced. He goes, you guys have outstanding payment and I’m here to disconnect your line, I tried to explain to him that the outstanding bill is from past years of which we weren’t here as at the time.

Our NEPA guy looked at me and said let’s leave business aside for now, “are you married?” I felt like asking if he was alright, but I comported myself “that has got nothing to do with the bill or disconnecting our line” I responded. He asked for my name and I told him, then he asked for my number which I refused bluntly.

He said he is going to disconnect the line and left,
as if not giving him my number helped him make his decision. I stepped back into the room,
picked up my phone and called my mum. I guess a neighbour heard my conversation via the phone, he stepped out from his apartment.

On getting where the guy was, opposite my street he was writing a report I don’t understand. My neighbour explained same thing I had explained earlier to him. You know how they behave when you are trying to get them not to show themselves. He did not respond, he continue writing the report as if his life depended on it.

The house we stood in front of, the occupants were explaining to him that the person with the bill is not around. I’m like don’t you guys have a record of your own. I noticed the guy on the pole asking if they have dropped something tangible. The house occupants raised 700 naira to bribe them. They still threaten to disconnect the line because the bribe is not enough. Of which I am sure they knew this building is not owing.

Another woman was ranting and almost crying because her line has been disconnected.
She paid just yesterday to the same NEPA guy. He claimed she has outstanding payment.
When I heard her own story, I knew there’s nothing we can say to stop this guys.

Then another guy alighted from a bike, he seemed to be the boss.
My neighbour approached him to explain, having noticed he was in charge. Then I interrupted, he looked at me for a while and said, the only reason we won’t disconnect this line is if you guys find us something.

Then it became clearer and defined. I left the bill with my neighbour and left for my apartment. I did not mind, I continued my tutorial. After a while my neighbour called out, he said they finally disconnected the line. I acted like I can survive without light anyways.

It dawned on me it’s for real when I noticed the light has been restored in the neighbourhood and we don’t have light. I couldn’t concentrate on my tutorial anymore. Of a sudden it seemed as if the room is hotter, then I noticed my fan is not rolling and might not roll for a while if nothing is done. I got so uncomfortable.

Not long I heard another neighbour said he has called a guy to come connect the line, but then he decided against it because he felt the Landlady should have sorted out this outstanding bill, long ago. I started praying, so as to see my fan roll again. Then he called out that the illegal connector is around.

Just then the thought of having light made me think of food,
I picked up myself, off to the street to get stuffs to cook.
Wahlah! On getting back the line has been connected illegally,
who cares how it was connected.

It is true that there is nothing as heart breaking as, knowing
your neighbour has light and you don’t.

Here I am looking at my ceiling fan roll again, what a joy.