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Co-habiting wasn’t very natural for us in this part of the world before now.
The thought of one’s folks is enough to straighten one up.
It’s not so anymore, folks do not really see a big deal in co-habiting any longer.
Our Parents’ moral standard which seemed to be out of reach seems to have been reached and subtly broken.
Their excuse in recent times is age. Age should not be a reason to misbehave.
If something is wrong for the teenagers then it is wrong for the adult who is not doing it right.
If this continues, it will leave us with uncontrollable teenagers.
For the sake of the upcoming generation and our sanctity we should stop this menace called co-habiting.

Thanks to Hollywood, they have successfully sold it to us over time and we’ve come to buy and accept it as a norm.
No one seem to contend with the idea anymore. If and when anyone does, the person is seen as abnormal.
Someone once said you can’t blame someone for feeding you wrongly but you can be blamed for digesting wrongly.

In this part of the world we have a culture and our generation is fast forgetting who we are.

This is to all the precious ladies out there. You deserve better than being treated like a modern slave.
You cook his food, as in you take all the kitchen heat for nothing.
You take all the heat for someone that could wake up next morning and decide to go for another lady.
You do his laundry, you give him great sex and the question in your pretty head at all time is
“when will he pop the question?” sorry sis he might not, at least not anytime soon.
He is still testing the goody for free plus he has the opportunity to hop for another.

It was a joke on social media recently, a lady comes to your house and leaves her earring,
the next day she leaves her slippers brother be prepared, you are about to get a partner.

Is it not obvious enough that some guys don’t want to be committed? But ladies will not let a guy think.
Some guys just want to keep you as a friend. Can you please, not push things while he make his decisions?
Ladies it’s time to take the red pill so as to see from a whole new perspective.
You don’t have to prove you are a good wife material, please let him find out.
Men are natural adventurers, they feel like a conqueror when they discover things.
Please let him discover you. You are a price that needs to be won.

Some guys treat ladies wrongly while co-habiting because they don’t know how to say they are tired.
Some ladies got their life’s beaten.
Some of this guys are tired and don’t know how to send you packing because they think you have put in too much.
So in the stead of calling it quit, he starts maltreating you hoping you get the point someday.

This is heavy but it can’t be too heavy to be said, co-habiting has been noticed amongst believers.
How can we allow the society dictate for us, we have been called to a lot more than immoralities.
We have not so LEARNT CHRIST. The bible is our code of conduct, Jesus is whom we’ve been called to become.
Christ is our standard and whom our gaze should be upon. We are the light of the world.

So come out from among them, brethren.



I am a girl who wants to explore, all life has to offer.

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  1. Hmm, well said sis. But you know its a hard habit to break for those already involved. My point is don’t try to break the habit by yourself, but let in the Almighty yoke breaker to help you do that. Nice post babe.


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